Medgarene Primary School Clocks 8


By Thomas S. Kembay

Medgarene Primary School providing free, quality education to the less privileged children at Joshua-Wellington in the East of the city on Sunday, 27th January, 2019 celebrated its eighth (8th) year of existence.

Speaking at the Foundation Day Celebration, the Proprietor of the school, Mr. Mohamed Serry-Kamal explained that the establishment of the school was borne out of a philanthropic venture as a way of contributing towards national development, some eight years ago.

“Prior to my birthday which is on the 27th of January, I was continuously asking myself, what will I do to contribute towards our country’s development?” said Mr. Serry-Kamal, noting that to establish a school then came to his mind and that on that day in  2011, he started Medgarene Primary School at once.

The school, over the years, he said, has been providing free quality education to pupils though faced with many challenges including payment of teachers’ salaries and the procuring of furniture and school materials, among others.

He therefore pleaded with government to consider the school under its free quality education flagship project. He also pleaded with well wishers and donor partners to come onboard and help the school pointing out that the school’s lease agreement will end in 2022 and that they are working on plans to relocate to their own permanent structure.