Lungi Bridge! 7.8Km/6 Lanes -Construction Work To Kick-Off

Unknown to the nation, feasibility study for the construction of a 7 to 8 kilometer long bridge spanning across the Rokel River to link the capital city Freetown with Lungi was completed in 2014 during the second term of former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

When he announced during the campaign in 2012 to secure a second term in office, former President Koroma outlined both the economic and human benefits that the construction of the Lungi bridge would bring to the country including drastically reducing the cost, time and strain involved in accessing the capital city by air and sea passengers from the airport at Lungi.

Already, the French company Bollore which manages the container section of the port has spent USD120 million to expand the port in anticipation of increased container traffic, with the British Company NSBT which handles the bulk cargo section of the port planning to build six new berths as well as expand their own section of the quay to land more sea going vessels.

As such, when President Bio came to office in 2018, he dropped the idea of building the proposed new airport at Mamamah in place of building the Lungi bridge for which on his trip to China to attend last year’s China-Africa Summit, he held fruitful talks with a Chinese company to explore the feasibility of constructing the bridge.

Now the President’s national infrastructure planning team at State House has factored into the country’s development plan construction of the bridge, based on the following: The challenges of airport accessibility and lack of a seamless transfer from the capital Freetown, a distance of about 8 kilometers across the Rokel River is a major deterrent to economic growth and development of Sierra Leone since independence.

In addition, Sierra Leone’s ability to attract Direct Foreign Investment (DFI), foreign private sector and most importantly to maximize the development of tourist potentials is severely limited by airport accessibility challenges. This has a negative impact on air transportation and the aviation industry in Sierra Leone in general.

To holistically and effectively address the problem, the Bio Government has embarked on a bold and transformative solution which includes but, not limited to, constructing the bridge. This will invariably unlock the vast economic and tourism potentials of Sierra Leone.

Below is the proposed Lungi Bridge – project brief:

  • Feasibility study completed in 2014
  • Length of the bridge is 7-8km (depending on the landing site location) bridge with 3 lanes in each direction (not included in the 2014 study)
  • 4 channels for post Panama ships – 2 channels in each direction – (not included in 2014 study)
  • Design water level – highest design 3.4m
  • Lowest water level – 0.2m
  • Design life – 120 years
  • Horizontal curve radius – vehicle traffic 300m