Lumley On Fire


Lumley in the extreme west of the capital Freetown was literally and metaphorically on fire on Monday night as people reportedly fled into temper during the destruction of properties by two aggrieved parties.

The incident, according to report, saw business houses and offices hastily closing their doors in panic and people running helter-skelter for dear lives happened close to the Juba Bridge where a new fuel station has been constructed.

Sources at the vicinity say tension had been mounting between the owner of the newly constructed LEONCO fuel station and his neighbour – a Mosque, over the issue of access road to the latter, adding that previously, the two parties had clashed on one or two occasions when the fuel station owner allegedly attempted to block the access road leading to the Mosque.

On that fateful night when tempers flared over into unbridled anger, the sources say the fuel station owner allegedly gave orders for the Mosque to be demolished. They furthered that the irate youths in a revengeful spirit allegedly attacked the fuel station and set it on fire, adding that the few police officers that were in the vicinity fled for dear lives as stones and missiles flew.

When security reinforcement reportedly arrived at the scene, it took them time to quell the situation. So fevered were the combative youths that to disperse them, the police reportedly had to resort to firing live shots into the air after the repeated use of teargas canisters had failed to dispel the combative youths.

The National Fire Force (NFF) that reportedly rushed to the scene succeeded in putting out the blaze, whilst the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lawrence Lahai Leema rushed to the scene to cool down the situation.