Le 1.4B Bail For 14 APC Supporters


By Thomas S. Kembay

The presiding Magistrate of Court No. 1 Santigie Bangura has granted bail to fourteen (14) APC supporters who were arraigned before him on four count charges of riotous conduct, throwing missiles, disorderly behavior and threatening language.

The 14 accused were each granted bail in the sum of one hundred million Leones (Le 1000m) bringing the total to one billion four hundred million Leones (Le 1.4 b) with two sureties each residing in the West of Freetown.

Granting out the bail, Magistrate Bangura stated that the nature of offences and the situation surrounding the charges are very serious for which they should not be entitled to bail but that the accused persons cannot be continue to be incarcerated with the Prosecution failing to produce evidence and continuously calling for adjournments.

Incarcerating the accused persons, he said, will appear as though their rights have been perverted as, according to him, the Prosecution has, so far, failed to provide evidence.

The lead Defense Council, Joseph F. Kamara who earlier called for a review application for bail pointed out that it was clear that the prosecution has no intension to proceed with the matter, adding that the his clients have been incarcerated for 7 days. He furthered argued that the offences for which the 14 accused are standing trials are miscellaneous for which he appealed for bail noting that their continuous detention was against the fundamental principles of their rights.

A.S Koroma representing the Inspector General called for an adjournment stating that the prosecution intends to proceed with the matter and that they are contemplating on another line of action.

The matter was adjourned to the 14th of January, 2019.