Land Minister Hailed


Investigators attached to the task force against land grabbing unit of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) have hailed the current administration under Dr. Denis Sandy as the Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment.

The accolades, according to the task force, comes following a result of  cooperation from the Ministry in aiding police investigations over disputed lands in the country, especially in the Western Area.

According to one senior investigator who pleaded anonymity, before now, the Ministry of Lands was not cooperating in the form of giving technical and expert advice over ownership of disputed lands, adding that in some cases there were reports of a piece of land being sold to persons and officials from the Ministry signing two different conveyances for the same piece of land with different dates. The source furthered that in these matters whenever the ministry is contacted for clarification, it will take close to a year before responding and in some cases the ministry will never respond, but since Dr. Sandy took over as minister, the ministry has always responded to any request for clarification within the shortest time.

Meanwhile, the investigator is calling on the Minister for an internal investigation into a syndicate involving senior officials of the Ministry that are in the habit of signing two conveyances for the same piece of land for two people.