Koroma To Meet Bio, Samura Kamara


A leader who came to power peacefully in 2007 through the ballot box with the approval of a majority of the people of this country, His Excellency President Koroma has frowned at and condemned outright the recent outbreak of tribalism and hate speeches in the period leading to the presidential run-off election.

As a respecter of the constitution and the rule of law who prides himself on having led the nation for ten years without any hint of tribal intolerance, President Koroma speaking at the Women’s Situation Room in response to the unfriendly outbreak of tribal narrow-mindedness and prejudice has said that to help stop the ugly trend, he will meet with the APC and SLPP presidential candidates.

A concerned President Koroma made the statement at the Women’s Situation Room in Freetown. He maintained that it is his responsibility as head of state to meet with the two presidential candidates to inform them that election is not a do-or-die battle. Thus, he will remind them that it is their responsibility to talk to their supporters to restrain themselves from lawlessness, violence and preaching of tribalism and hate messages in the campaign leading to the runoff election.

President Koroma deplored such attitudes and messages which he said have contributed greatly to an increase in political violence across the country. “Such trend is no good for the future of the country,” a leader who has done his level best to keep the country united and peaceful said. “We must maintain the peace and stability in the community,” he pleaded to the nation, adding, “We should not encourage this kind of threat to continue.”

President Koroma encouraged the women leaders to take serious action against this unwelcome trend by denouncing it. “Most of us have different families, married to different tribes and have different tribes in our households and as relatives, friends and so on,” he said in continued denunciation of what he sees as a very potent threat to the unity and stability of the state and its people.

Thus he called on the Women to advise their children to refrain from violence, provocative words and actions, warning that there is no room for indiscipline. Anyone caught breaking the law he said must be prepared to face full penalty.

The Women’s Situation Room in response promised the president to use their forum to denounce hate and tribal messaging. They promised him to spread the word nationwide, whilst assuring him that the runoff election will be peaceful, free and fair.