KKY Warned

 By Ayodele Deen Cole

Some members of the opposition Sierra Leone People (SLPP) party, North America branch  supporting the splinter PA-O-PA group of Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio have reportedly advised their counterparts in the other splinter group KKY Movement of Dr. Kande Kolleh Yumkela to follow the political spirit exhibited by them during the just concluded  SLPPNA election in Philadelphia.

According to the Public Relation Officer of the SLPPNA, Mohamed Bangura, supporters of the PA-O-PA group did not stage any form of protest against the election result, nor did they create any new internal political group. The PRO described some the moves made by members of KKY Movement as deceptive against the party’s ideologies, especially when they lose elections, and that they ensure that they maintain political maturity during the national executive and presidential flagbearer elections of the party.

He noted that the first person to claim the SLPPNA election as a victory for KKY was unfortunately, Obai Kabia who happens to be the District Chair for SLPP in Port Loko. He said he also spoke at the convention that he was not representing SLPP Port Loko but a representative of KKY.

He went on to recall that when Alie Bangura who was supported by KKY lost the Chairmanship election to Chief Karpen in a free and fair election, Alie and KKY supporters walked out of the hall in order to render the process questionable. The Karpen executive was seen to have lost the mandate of a cross-section of SLPP members, thereby rendering it inefficient to date. The KKY camp, he alleged pushed Alie to take the party to court.  He continued that in the United Kingdom, when the KKY group lost the election to PA-O-PA, they walked out again and formed a parallel group which is up to date causing havoc and disunity among members in UK. He went on to state when the KKY won following questionable delegate election in Philadelphia Chapter, members of the PA-O-PA group and others of the Alie Kabba and Timbo groups should  have walked out and form a parallel executive, but they did not.

He concluded by saying that the election is a trap of KKY movement when he will be defeated in the national election.

Meanwhile, the Campaign Leader of the KKY Movement, Brima Keita has stated that members of Movement, unlike the PA-O-PA group, are always well behaved and that they always concede defeat as long as the election is not questionable.