Karamoh Kabba Speaks


Erstwhile Minister of State for East, Karamoh Kabba has, following his release from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) last Friday, 27th July 2018 commented on issues relating to his invitation by the police.

According to Karamoh Kabba, the vehicle in question had broken down before the announcement of elections result and was awaiting repairs. The vehicle, he continued, was at a garage in Kono for repairs but that the cost for the repairs was so high that he could not foot and had to make use of another vehicle for the elections.

He said because of the commotion and violence across the country when the March 31st presidential run-off results were announced, I was not able to travel to Kono but instructed the garage to take the vehicle to the police station as instructed by police memo.

The garage, he said, had since taken the vehicle to Kono police station and the key handed over to the police.

He furthered that he had, like other government officials, done the official handing over of office to his succession after he had handed over the vehicle to the police.

He went on to state that he was a member of President Bio’s cross-party team in which the police was also part of and that they went all over the country having public meetings when issues of post elections violence were investigated.

“Why was I not invited at that time?” queried Karamoh Kabba. The Inspector General of Police,  he said, invited him for security meeting just a day before his interview with Radio Democracy, FM-  98.1 and that in that meeting with the police Executive Management Board (EMB), he was accused of engaging in subversive  meetings to which he denied and was allowed to go home.

The CID, he said, has his cell phone number and address and can easily access him as the IG did but that they never did so until when he was granted interview on the SLPP’s 100 days in governance by Radio Democracy.