Kabia Family Aggrieved

Some members of the late Paramount Chief Bai Koblo Queen (Alhaji Alie Osman Kabia) family of Lunsar, Marampa Chiefdom in the Northern Province have expressed dismay over an attempt by the current Paramount Chief, PC Osman Koblo Queen III to illegally grab properties belonging to them. The properties, according to them, are situated on Abacha Street, Freetown.

According to the aggrieved family, PC Osman Koblo Queen III has for a period of nineteen (19) years served as caretaker of the properties in question whilst they were in the Diaspora. They alleged that upon their home coming, the caretaker would not account of the rents collected over the said period.

They added that as if PC Osman Koblo Queen III’s lack of accountability was not enough, he had also through a certain lawyer allegedly made an illegal conveyance to claim possession of the said properties.

The aggrieved members of the Kabia family also alleged that the Paramount Chief had threatened to kill them should they insist on claiming possession of those properties. “Osman is not a biological son of our late father,” said two of the children of the late PC Bai Koblo Queen, Isata Kabia I and Isata Kabia II, adding that they were prepared for a DNA test should he deny what they have said about his biological background to prove them right or wrong.

The two sisters lamented that while the Paramount Chief is having their father’s properties under his firm grip, their biological brothers and sisters in the country continue to languish in abject penury with no access to education, food or shelter. They added that with all the rents collected for 19 years, the Paramount Chief would not refurbish any of the properties which are currently in dilapidated state.

One of the houses on 12 Abacha Street, the aggrieved children claimed, was mortgaged by the caretaker for a whooping Le1.1 billion to an Indian businessman commonly called Sugar Boy, who they alleged knew the property did not belong to the caretaker.

The aggrieved Kabia family members believe they rightfully own the said properties and have in their possession authentic legal documents, which could also be found at Roxy Building, to justify their claim to those properties.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved Kabia family members have resolved to seek redress in court should PC Osman Koblo Queen III fail to see reason to return their father’s properties back to them. It is expected that henceforth, they would take a legal action against the Paramount Chief whom they referred to as “property grabber.”

The two sisters disclosed that their lawyers – Taylor and Associates – have already served the Paramount Chief a warning letter dated 4th January, 2017 demanding that he fully accounts for the said properties. The law firm has already given a 72-hour ultimatum to the caretaker to comply with its demands.

When The Exclusive contacted Paramount Chief Osman Koblo Queen III, he denied all the allegations leveled against him by the aggrieved Kabia family members. He dismissed their allegations as baseless and unfounded.

“If they think I’m not a true son of the late Paramount Chief, let them take legal redress in the court of law,” the Paramount Chief said, adding, “As far as I know, I’m the eldest son of our late father.”

He claimed that since their father died twenty (20) years ago, he had been assisting his brothers and sisters in diverse ways. “I have educated a good number of them, bought tickets for some to travel to overseas and more,” the Paramount Chief claimed.

He alleged that all the aggrieved family members making wild allegations against him are those who have long abandoned the family and were abroad since their father died.

PC Osman Koblo Queen III however maintained that if they have any genuine concerns, they should go to the family house and see how best those concerns would be adequately addressed.

With regards the letter written to him by Taylor and Associates, he said: “That letter was not addressed to me. I am Paramount Chief Bai Koblo Queen III and not Osman Alie Kabia. It is disrespect to my person.”