Juvenile Sex Offenders On The Increase

By Ayodele Deen Cole

The Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, North West region, Mustapha Saidu Kamara, while addressing journalists recently on an update on some of the reported crime incidents in the region disclosed that the number of juvenile sex offenders in the region is on the increase while that of adult sex offenders is on a decrease.

According to AIG Mustapha Kamara, they mostly recognise this trend during the pregnancy stage of most victims, adding that as a force-for-good they are finding it very hard to investigate and prosecute these matters. He also added that most of the offenders are between the ages of thirteen and fifteen and called on stakeholders to start raising awareness on the issue. According to one civil society activist, Mohamed Tarawallie, the government must look at the juvenile sex offenders policy, adding that at present there is no juvenile sex offender register in the country. He continued that currently laws and policies that are designed for adult sex offenders are increasingly being applied to juveniles, noting that the stakeholders have to look at the crime pattern, the sentencing and the treatment accorded to them while in custody.