Join The President -Amb. Bond Wurie


Ambassador-at-large and Special Adviser to His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, Dr. Umaru Bond Wurie has called on all Sierra Leoneans, regardless of tribe, region, religion and political affiliation to rally behind President Bio in order to push forward the nation’s development agenda.

Ambassador Bond Wurie made the appeal at the past weekend whilst reacting to malicious rumor posted on social media by enemies of the State that President Bio had suffered a stroke attack.

Ambassador Wurie reported that President Bio was more amused than annoyed by the postings of the pranksters, adding that President is focused on the job at hand, the most paramount being getting the economy back on the rails and implementation of the free education scheme which starts next academic year. Thus, he said distraction is not an issue for the President.

Not at all pleased that Sierra Leoneans could wish the worst for their leader, Ambassador Bond Wurie said that Sierra Leoneans should realize that Bio is their leader and that if he fails, Sierra Leone fails. He added that he just cannot understand why some people should wish for the President to be immobilized by a stroke. Such thinking, he said, “is unbelievable.” “You should not think such of your Head of State,” he fumed.

However, he acknowledged that in any society, there are always some bad minded people who do not wish well for the leader and the people. He implored such people to change their thinking; embrace reality and accept that Bio is their leader for the next five years and that if he and his government succeed, the benefits come to the entire nation.

“The time for politics is over,” Ambassador Wurie said, adding, “until the next elections in 2023, we should as a nation be focused on development issues,” he advised, adding , “we should all be magnanimous enough to join hands with the President to push forward the country’s development.”

Ambassador furthered by stating that the people should have by now learnt from the mistake of the past and stop praying for another civil war. “All the fingers on one’s hands are not equal;” he said, to illustrate what he meant adding, “but without one of them, the hand cannot perform well.” “We should put aside our differences and come together like the fingers on our hands to push forward Mama Salone’s development,” he concluded.