John Sisay Cautions APC

One of the flagbearer aspirants of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC), John Bornoh Sisay has reportedly cautioned the party and the electorate to choose wisely as that, he said, would  determine the future of the country after the 2018 polls.

“We face a momentous choice in this election; the decision we make will shape the destiny of our country for years to come,” said the erstwhile Sierra Rutile CEO.

The 2018 polls, he said, serves as a unique opportunity to transform our nation citing that Sierra Leoneans can go forward and build a better nation, improve the lives of millions of citizen if the people choose a leader with a proven track-record of business success, bold ideas, the understanding of how to win in a changing world, a deliverer and result-oriented.

“Some of us have dedicated our entire political lives to the APC and were first drawn into politics by the inspirational power of the party values are bound together by a fervent desire to build a better, fairer, more just Sierra Leone where no one is left behind,”, maintained John B. Sisay.

He continued that the party has a chance of renewing the people’s trust in them in the 2018 elections by showing once again that they are not like other parties and that their principles are not just slogans but enduring values they live by. Sierra Leone and the APC, he said are at a cross roads and that they can pick the same faces, the same answers and the same kind of politicians the public are tired of or they can choose a leader who can cement the president’s legacy and is APC to the core but can reach out to new supporters and bring real change.

Sierra Leoneans, the business tycoon said, have shown what they can achieve. “The world is changing and the power is in our hands. I therefore call for unity to grasp the opportunity and start building a better Sierra Leone,” he concluded.