Into Salone’s Economy… EU Pumps Over £376M


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The European Union (EU) Ambassador, Tom Venns has informed newsmen at a press briefing recently that EU will be injecting over £376m into the ‘New Direction’ administration’s three priority areas that are of interest which include education, health and infrastructure.

Amb. Venns further disclosed that since the transition of governance, EU has noticed and seen the efforts of President Bio in ensuring fiscal stability, check on excesses and wastages and fiscal prudence. He said, for six months, they have seen the robust steps taken by the President and the head of the country’s Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) in tackling corruption. He furthered that for the past six months, President Bio, they noticed, has stood by the promises he made during his campaign trail, citing his government’s effort towards the free quality education scheme. The EU, he said, has therefore decided to chip in, in order to assist the Bio led administration achieve its goal.

He also commended President Bio for the expansion of the free healthcare scheme that was initiated by the former government of erstwhile President Koroma.