Int. Artist Duped Le80M


By Ayodele Deen Cole


Police officers attached to the Congo Cross Division has reportedly arrested a fraudster fondly DJ Waxxy of Disco Paradise and D Spot Night Club for fraudulent conversion and obtaining money by false pretense. The suspect has been extorting huge sums of money from Valentino, a Sierra Leonean artiste residing in the USA by using the name Edward Jaward aka DJ Jaway.

According to DJ Jaway, the suspect activated a whatsapp number and used his picture on his profile to steal monies from Valentino and numerous other innocent people. He has to date extorted over 80 million Leones. According to Jaway, DJ Waxxy called Valentino the first time pretending he was him (Jaway) and told the artist that his wife died in a car accident and that he does not have money for the funeral. Valentino immediately sent him the sum of 8 million Leones.  He continued that the second time, he called again telling Valentino that he has a kidney problem and at the point of death, and I that he don’t have money to pay for the surgery which he said cost 1000 US dollars. Valentino again sent him 11 million Leones to DJ Waxxy. He continued that the third time, DJ Waxxy called and asked for school fees for his daughter and Valentino sent him 5 million Leones. Then on the 12th June this year he said his laptop had crashed and Val sent, 3.5 million Leones making a total of 27.5 million Leones that he received from Val just by telling lies.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been granted  bail with LAJ standing as his surety.