Inauguration Day -1 Killed, 20 Injured


For the parents and relatives of twenty people who were injured and the young boy who died in the stampede that took place at the basement of the National Stadium; President Bio’s inauguration ceremony on May 12th 2018 was a memorable day for very a sad reason.

Thousands of people from within and outside Sierra Leone had camped outside the national stadium the night before the inauguration in order to be able to get a seat to watch the handing over of power from former President Koroma to newly elected President Bio.

The tragic incident occurred at the basement of stadium as a surging mass of people tried to bulldoze their way into the stadium ground to be part of the occasion. The security forces who were overwhelmed could no longer control the crowd who broke through one of the gates. In the rush, the boy who died and the twenty who were injured fell and were stamped on.

Red Cross sources say, they expected the death toll to rise but as we went to press last night, no other deaths had been confirmed.