In the United States Of America… APC, SLPP Face To Face


By Ayodele Deen Cole

Supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP) and the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) are reportedly preparing a huge demonstration in New York, United States of America during President Bio’s official visit to attend the United Nation General Assembly.

FSLPP supporters are in preparedness to welcome to the new President to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), while the opposition APC is reportedly determined to stage a demo against what members of that party out their perceive human rights abuses reportedly committed by the new government against some supporters and members of the APC nationwide since the new government took over. According to a correspondence from the SLPP North America branch, their regional executive, with support from the SLPP New York Chapter, has been in touch with the UN Mission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the President’s itinerary during the course of his stay in the US.

While there, the President is expected to hold a meeting with SLPPNA members following is speech at the UN General Assembly and  would  afterwards address the Sierra Leonean community in a Town Hall meeting later that day and a business forum as well.

However, the opposition APC is reportedly planning a big demo against the Bio administration over human rights violations as they are calling on international partners to investigate atrocities committed by the new government since it took over power. The planned demonstration, they noted  is to communicate to world leaders the human rights violations in the country as they reportedly intend to present evidence to substantiate their claims.

Speaking to this press, a senior member of the APC Publicity team in the diaspora, said the proposed protest comes at a crucial time – the UNGA. Just this week, they noted, the outgoing UN Human Rights Chief blasted world leaders for failing to speak against human rights abuses taking place across the world. According to APC supporters, a good number of their supporters and members have been murdered, intimated and their properties looted and or burnt and that no investigation has been ordered by the new government

By: Murtala Mohamed Kamara