Implement TRC Recommendations -Government Urged

By Amadu Barrie

A Civil Society Activists in Kenema, Fallah Albert Bockarie, has informed the public about some of the recommendations that were made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Sierra Leone after the eleven years civil war.

Speaking to this medium in an exclusive interview in Kenema, Fallah Albert Bockarie disclosed that the TRC was set up after the war to look at some of the contributing factors that led to the outbreak of the war in 1991 targeting political marginalization, injustice, corruption, among others.

He said, the TRC recommended certain things that previous and present governments were supposed to implement to ensure national cohesion such as a restorative structure where government and other stakeholders should bring onboard people to deliberate on issues of national interest.

He further stated that TRC recommendations have not been implemented by previous governments over decades as the TRC document should be used for sustainable peace in the country. The Civil society, he said, undertook to popularize the TRC report for people to be aware of the factors that led to the civil war, adding that TRC recommended for the setting up of imperative committee and it was out of the report that brought the existence of institutions such as ONS, NCD, Human Rights Commission, among others.

The Civil Society activist added that one of the things observed by the civil society is that there is increase of injustice especially in local courts in Kenema city as TRC pointed out that the activities of local courts under the judiciary paved way for the outbreak of the war and that the civil society wants to draw the attention of government to look into those recommendations made in the TRC report.

Meanwhile, another civil society activist, Patrick Adu, said the government monitoring system according to the TRC report is not effective, citing the local court supervisors, adding that local courts in Kenema city  cause more injustice to people unlike the courts in the chiefdoms.

Patrick Adu stated that some local courts chairmen are violating the Local Court Act of 2009 as they demand huge sum of money from the people which he described as recipe to instability. He assured the people that civil society will continue to ring bells in the minds of government to work with the recommendations stated by the TRC.