Imam Preaches On The Purpose Of Mankind


By Alhaji Mansaray

The Chief Imam of Masjid Ibrahim Mosque at Calaba Town in east end Freetown, Alhaji Mohamed Suma has averred that every mankind is on earth for the purpose of worshipping the Almighty Allah.

Addressing his congregation recently at Masjid Ibrahim Mosque, the Chief Imam asserted that the world is like a farm to work on and harvest it on the day of resurrection. He urged the congregation to know that the Almighty Allah is going to investigate each and every one of us on the day of truth which is the day of resurrection.

Alhaji Mohamed Suma therefore advised worshippers to fear Allah and always do the right thing, especially observing the five daily prayers which, he said, are compulsory for every Muslim.

The Chief Imam also advised that if you have your genuine money, spend it the right way, such as constructing Mosques, health centers, water wells and other social services to society, adding that the construction of such felt-needs of the people could bring blessing to you even when you are dead.

Alhaji Suma asserted that the mistake of people is that they consider the material world much better than the hereafter to the extent that they would leave their houses very early in the morning without observing prayers. He added that the world in the hereafter is not only better than the material world but it is also the everlasting world.

The Chief Imam furthered that everything on earth will perish except the power of the Almighty Allah, noting that according   to Prophet Mohammad (PBH), the youth played great role for Islam to succeed, but today, he said, it is the reverse.

Alhaji Mohamed Suma also quoted Imam Alie as saying that the world is a garden to work to find the kindness of the hereafter.