Imam Preaches On Justice


 By Alhaji Mansaray

Chief Imam of Masjid Salaam at Brookfields, Sheik Alhaji Ahmad Bah says justice is something to be displayed everywhere in life.

Delivering his sermon last Friday at the above mosque, Sheik Alhaji Ahmad Bah added that justice is the fair treatment of people, adding that everyone should be given the right he or she deserves and that anyone who deprives another person of his or her right must be punished.

Quoting potions of the Holy Quran, Sheik Bah said, Allah says “I revealed the Holy Quran to you Mohammad with the truth to judge between people like the way Allah teaches you.” He said the Almighty Allah has warned that no one should advocate for those who are doing wrong things, stressing that Allah does not like crooks as they are hiding from people and at the same time, exposing themselves to the Almighty Allah.

Sheik Bah pointed out that there are nine things which Allah does not consider sinful; among them are mistakes, forgetfulness, doing something under duress, when one is unable to do something, ones thoughts, among others.

The Imam maintained that, the Almighty Allah has told the people to live justly and that there are many verses in the Holy Quran that spoke about justice. He urged all to know that if you wrong Allah and then ask for forgiveness Allah would forgive you and that if you wrong your fellow man, he or she should forgive you provided you ask for his or her forgiveness. He emphasized the need to refrain from accusing people wrongly.

He said in Islam, “we have individual responsibilities as on the day of resurrection everyone has to carry his or her own sins.” He therefore advised his congregation to be sincere publicly.