‘I Owe The Youths’ Chericoco


Presidential running-mate of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah, popularly known as Chericoco has at the Limkokwing University at Hill Station on Friday 2nd March, 2018 told students that he owes the youths of this country and that he will do everything humanly possible to repay them should he become the country’s next Vice President.

Hon. Chericoco addressing the enthusiastic students said that their university was one of the achievements of the APC government in the area of education – a beacon of hope that they now benefits them and generations yet unborn. He encouraged the students to take their work seriously as the channel to contributing to advancing the development of Mama Salone as the best way of showing their love for the country. He noted that violence does not win anybody anything; and that duty bearers must exhibit a strong sense of responsibility in telling them about their role in the forthcoming elections.

He narrated how the APC came to power through the democratic route in 2007. He said in 2002, the party took a message of change to the people. The people he said did not believe the party then and did not accept it. He added that the party went back to the drawing board and came back with the same message in 2007 and were able to win the trust and confidence of the people. In response to that trust, he said pointers can be seen everywhere of the tangible evidence of what the party has done for the people since 2007.

Speaking bluntly, Hon. Chericoco said that one cannot rule the people through text book politics. All the challengers of Dr. Samura Kamara asking the people to vote for them, especially the first time voters, he said, should know that only Dr. Samura Kamara has the requisite hands-on governance experience. To illustrate his point, Hon. Chericoco told the students that governance is like going through the education system. You take a lot of notes and exams to get to the point where you qualify with a degree. He said that whilst Dr. Samura Kamara has gone though all those stages and beyond, his challengers are yet to prove that they can do anything.  Show me what they have done to be entrusted with what others or the APC has done? he asked. “Nothing!” the students replied. Dr Samura Kamara’s challengers, he said, must first sit their exams to prove their competence to rule the country.

The APC presidential candidate, he said, is a patriotic Sierra Leonean who has been tested locally and internationally and very committed to the development of this country. By the Grace of God, he said, he will deliver on his promises. The case filed against Dr. Samura Kamara in the Supreme Court by Lawyer Charles Margai, who he referred to as a failed politician, he said, is frivolous as he had raised the same case against former VP Solomon Berewa in the same court and lost.

Whilst appealing for the students to vote for Dr. Samura Kamara and the APC, Hon. Chericoco ended by stating, “we cannot afford to go back to the dark days.” Therefore, he implored everyone to exercise his or her franchise peacefully on the 7th March, 2018 in order to move Mama Salone to a place where all can be proud of.

Meanwhile, Hon. Chericoco thanked the people of the Western Area for turning out massively to support APC during its final campaign rally in Freetown and for the well-mannered way they conducted themselves. He called on party members and supporters to continue to be law-abiding, tolerant and peaceful and go out on Wednesday to cast their ballots.