Higher Education To Boom In 2021


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

A report on the recent official launch of the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Project states that by September 2021, the project would see students in all seven universities in Sierra Leone enrolled in eight key degree programmes that would conform to new national quality assurance standards.

According to the report, teaching will adopt best practice teaching methods and innovative curricula to equip graduates with skills and knowledge that employers will value, adding that all the seven Universities and the Tertiary Education Commission would be using new expertise, tools and systems to monitor and continually improve quality and standards.

The report furthered that employers would be routinely involved in the design and delivery of degree programmes to ensure relevance, noting that the project would create the platform for long-term investment in the capacity of Sierra Leone. It aims at sustainably supporting skills development and competence building for both existing and future job markets.

The project, according to the report, seeks to transform the quality, relevance access and affordability of higher education to achieve sustainable change in higher education systems.