Health Minister On Assessment Visits


By Kadrie Koroma PRO Unit – MOHS

The Minister of Health and Sanitation Minister, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie and team including the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brima Kargbo has recently concluded an assessment visit to the Makeni Regional and Magburaka Government Hospitals in the northern region.


The visit was to access the facilities, know staff constraints and challenges in service delivering to the people of the northern region.

The Minister and team was received at the Makeni Regional Hospital by the District Medical Officer, North, Dr. Brima Osaio Kamara and senior staff including the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Sulaiman Conteh and was taken on a conducted tour of the various facilities to have a first-hand information about the operations of the hospital.

Inspecting the Intensive Care Unit (IC Unit), the Minister and team was briefed by the officer in charge of the Unit and Medical Emergency, Dr. Brima Momodu Sesay, who spoke about the operations of the unit and the challenges they faced in discharging their duties. The Minister also visited the Blood Bank, laboratory and the Special Baby Care Unit of the hospital.

Visiting the Magburaka Government hospital, Dr. Alpha Wurie and team were received by the District Medical Officer, Dr. Augustine Jemissa and senior staff including the Medical Officer, Dr. Martha Nandewa Sesay, and during a conducted tour of the various units, they briefed the visiting team about the hospital’s daily operations including intake of patients, challenges with equipment and staff.

Speaking after the two visits, the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Alpha Wurie said their visit to the regional hospital in Makeni and to one of the secondary hospital, the Magburaka Government Hospital was to look at the facilities that would be in secondary hospital and one that would be in the Regional hospital.

He said during their visit to the two hospitals, they observed three (3) issues which include personnel, laboratory and Blood Bank.

Dr. Wurie stated that he observed in Magburaka hospital that one third of all the personnel are paid by MSF and not by the government of Sierra Leone.

He notice that a large number of staff including Community Health Officers (CHOs) and the nurses as well do not carry a pin code, they are paid by an agency, MSF which he said is not done, and that is very demotivating and also disturb the management of the hospital.

The Minister said another issues they saw was the laboratories and even the Regional hospital Clinical laboratory is like what people can fine in the Peripheral Health Units (PHUs), as it has no functional clinical equipment, adding that all what is done is basic latest test in both hospitals.

Dr. Wurie noted that the area that is beautiful is the Blood Bank in both the Magburaka hospital  and the Government Hospital in Makeni, but that the Magburaka hospital has more bank that they are storing blood more than what  they will fine in Makeni hospital.

He further stated that the Makeni hospital has a system for neonatal that people will fine at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) that is not in the Magburaka hospital.

The Minister said systems will be put in place, re-agents are going to be provided and personnel are going to be paid, adding that all these issues will be address in the shortest possible time in three months’ time.

He expressed his determination to upgrade the hospitals to a high height so as to make it more efficient and effective in delivering services to the nation.

Similar assessment visit was also made last week at the Lumley Government hospital, and a site inspection of the newly constructed ultra-modern hospital at Lumley.