HEALTH ALERT! 18 Lassa Fever Cases Reported


By Ibrahim Sahid Kamara

The Surveillance Officer at the Government Hospital in Kenema, Lansana Kamara has disclosed that between January and June this year eighteen cases of Lassa Fever were confirmed in the district and that it is on the increase.

He said last year, they had seventeen reported cases of which eleven of them died, adding that nothing has been done to eradicate the disease since it was discovered in 1972 in Kenema. He said, the factor responsible for the spread of disease is that persons affected do not report to the hospital for treatment as, according to him, “they rely on un-prescribed drugs from pharmacies and other means for treatment.

Lansana Kanneh said that currently they are reaching out to people in the villages and communities to ascertain how they contract the disease. He said anyone found with the disease will be quarantined for twenty one days.

He called on government’s support and also encouraged people with the disease to always visit the hospital as according to him, if they do, within one week they will be cured.