Hastings Under Siege


Riot reportedly broke out yesterday at the Hastings Timber Depot on the outskirts of Freetown that left a female police officer raped and three other officers injured as well as four passersby injured. Seven trucks were damaged and twenty-five people involved in the riot were injured as well as several valuable items worth millions of Leones looted.

According to the report, the riot broke out following a press release issued recently by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Ndanema banning timber export.

The report furthered that one Mr. Handel Conteh, who is the head of Timber Regulatory Council, claimed to be in charge of the Hasting Timber Depot and therefore went there to forcefully remove the Timber Association that had been there. Such move, according to the report, resulted to a bloody battle between the two factions.

The Exclusive gathered that there were few police personnel at the Hastings Police Station and were easily overpowered. The personnel reportedly fled the scene for their dear lives leaving the vulnerable female police officer at the hands of the mobs that eventually raped her. Report also indicates that most of the mobsters are ex-combatants as a rifle belonging to one of the police officers is reportedly missing.

Police reinforcement, according to report, later materialised at the scene to apprehend the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, a team of police officers is investigating the matter while the chase for the perpetrators continues.