Hand Over Travel Documents Else… 41 In Trouble


Constitutionally responsible for guaranteeing and enforcing law and order in the country under any political party that is in power, the Sierra Leone Police after the Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report was published last week ordered that all those whose names are mentioned in the Report suspected of having engaged in acts of corruption must not leave the shores of Sierra Leone without express permission from the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Commenting on the development, Head of Police Media Communications, Superintendent Brima, , has said that the ‘Force for Good’ has formed a task force headed by him and Chief Superintendent Carew to locate and contact persons named in the GTT Report.

Substantial progress, he said, has been made. He disclosed that many of the people involved have called the Inspector General of Police to report themselves.

Superintendent Brima disclosed that they have not received travelling documents from many of those involved. He advised all of them to contact the CID headquarters in Freetown with their travel documents.

Superintendent Brima noted that the police are not making any arrests but only limiting the movement of those named in the report. He called on the entire management staff of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Rokel Commercial Bank and heads of MDAs to stay put.

List of former government functionaries that the GTT has recommended for investigation:

  1. Haja Afsatu Kabba – Former Minister of Energy
  2. Henry Macauley – Former Minister of Energy
  3. Edmund Koroma – Former Director General, NASSIT
  4. John F. Kamara – Former Attorney General & Min. of Justice
  5. Herbert Williams – Former FCC Mayor
  6. Allieu Sesay – Former NRA Commissioner General
  7. John Sisay – Former CEO, Rutile
  8. Ernest Bai Koroma – Former President of Sierra Leone
  9. Samura Kamara – Former Minister of Finance
  10. Frank Kargbo – Former Attorney General
  11. Sahr Ngegba – Former Head of Transp[ort and Ports Management Systems
  12. Kholifa Koroma – Former Chief Immigration Officer
  13. Balogun Koroma – Former Min. of Transport
  14. Palo Conteh – Former Min. of Defense
  15. Nabih Basma – Contractor
  16. Alimamy Pepito Koroma – Former Min. of Works
  17. The Judiciary and Supreme Court
  18. Lansana Kanneh – Director of Finance/SSL
  19. Abu Bakarr Turay – Director of Economics/SSL
  20. Peter S. Bangura – Director of Demographic Statistics/SSL
  21. Andrew Johnny – Director of Geographic Info Systems/SSL
  22. Ibrahim Kargbo – Director of Data Systems/SSL
  23. FBL Mansaray – Former Min. of State – Min. of Finance
  24. Sullay Kamara – Chairman/SSL
  25. Mohamed King Koroma – Former Statistician General
  26. Ady Macauley – Former ACC Commissioner
  27. The entire management of SLCB & RCB
  28. Leonard Balogun Koroma – Africa Sunshine Ltd
  29. Alex Mansaray
  30. Alhaji Cole – Digital Systems
  31. Bao Ltd
  32. Ibrahim Sayenu Sesay – Sayenu
  33. Abass Jah
  34. Strasser King – Club Tourism Entertainment
  35. West Africa Trading Co.
  36. Chief Tony
  37. Julius Spencer
  38. IB Kargbo – Former Min. of Information
  39. Sylvanus Forna Koroma
  40. Soccoh Kabia

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