Gov’t Workers Warned


The Director General of National and Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mr. Mohamed Mubahir Massaquoi has warned all civil and public servants to ensure sincerity and take part in the ongoing biometric verification process for all workers receiving salaries from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

As the process continues, Mr. Massaquoi said, they will be facing numerous challenges, adding that one of the numerous challenges is that there are some MDAs and institutions that are yet to fully comply in the process. He said they have not gotten any information from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Guma Valley Water Company, National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT), the National Revenue Authority (NRA). Mr. Massaquoi said they have contacted the Minister of Finance to report on the statuses of these civil and public servants whose names are in the active service list.

The Director further disclosed that some workers are collecting double salaries, adding that there are  others who collect salaries on behalf of civil and public servants who happen to be their relatives. This, he said, the Authority wants to put an end to as, according to him, “it is hazardous to the country’s  economy.”

He emphasized that one of the objectives of the Authority is to provide unique pin-codes for every civil and public servant.

The NCRA, he said, therefore advises all civil and public workers to be part of the biometric verification process that is ongoing, adding that they have provided centres for that purpose in every region countrywide.