God Is The Greatest

Time after time, since the days of Father Noah when God Almighty in anger sent down forty days and forty nights of raging flood waters to destroy mankind for his wicked, sinful, heartless ungodly ways, nations and individuals that claim to be powerful and great have been brought back to their senses through God-sent calamities.

Through the tiny, invincible corona virus that has in the space of three months thrown the entire world into disarray, once more God Almighty has shown that mankind in all its wisdom, knowledge and understanding is only a tiny powerless ant in his eyes that he can destroy in a second if He so chooses.

It is unbelievable that small corona has destabilized the entire world. The powerful nations – China, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Australia and Canada are all down on their knees. The most sorrowful part of their impotence being the Italian Prime Minister moaning that they have done everything humanly possible to contain the corona virus but that their efforts seem hopeless now they can only look up to the sky (God).

Powerful, wealthy individuals guarded day and night by armed security are not immune to the virus. Rich and poor, black and white, no one is immune to the corona virus that has no known cure. Yet how pathetic it is to think that we human beings in our foolish arrogance continue to deny that there is no God.

One man of God has described the corona outbreak and its effect on the entire world as the Day of Judgment with all nations and all individuals left on their own to solve their corona problem.

Imagine the small corona virus bringing the entire world to a virtual standstill. Airlines stopped flying, entire cities and countries in complete lockdown, once busy metropolitan streets empty as the graveyard at night, churches and mosques closed, beaches, malls, supermarkets deserted. Just a small trial from God called corona is enough to paralyze us; yet still mankind continues to deny the existence of God.

What is funny about the whole thing is that, here is superpower America and all those other nations that possess weapons of mass destruction that can pulverize mankind and his fantastic material creations into dust in seconds weak and defenseless against small, tiny corona and looking everywhere for cover and solace.

 The satanic people who claim to have the power to kill and destroy life; the witches and wizards; the imams and pastors that claim to be able to do the impossible, which of them has the answer to corona? The scientists, the powerful doctors, where is their knowledge?

Just as the Almighty wants it, Corona has made everybody turn to Him for the answer to the current corona dilemma.

Look at how corona has exposed the vulnerability of the world’s best medical facilities. China, Italy, France, Spain, UK, USA have all admitted that they are completely overwhelmed by this unforeseen plague from the heavens. Even the most powerful man in the world, Donald J. Trump is looking to God for help because America with its thousands of universities, powerful research and medical facilities is unable to find the cure for corona.

What corona has shown is that only God Almighty is worth worshipping, as only He has the answer to corona through which He has clearly shown that if he wants to destroy the world, He can do so in a second.

Therefore mankind in all his wisdom, knowledge and might should not forget that the ultimate power and authority in the entire universe is God Almighty – the only one that was not created but is the creator of all things big and small, seen and unseen, high and low in the entire universe whose span and age defies the knowledge and imagination of any human being.

Therefore, as it is written in both the Bible and the Quran for our instruction, guidance and protection, let us always fear, respect, obey, honor and worship only the One and only who said: I am that I am.