Go Back To School -Youth Minister Tells Youths


The Minister of Youth Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Omar Bangura has called on the youths to go back to school and make use of the proposed free education scheme promised in the ‘New Direction’ administration of President Julius Maada Bio.

“If you decide to go back to school, it will not cost you a dime,” the Minister advised.

Mr. Bangura disclosed that if they are enrolled back to school there are lots of opportunities open to them to tap upon graduation which, he said, include jobs, travelling and exposure under the ‘New Direction’ administration.

“If you are a young person with nothing to show, how would you possibly take care of yourself and children?” the Minister asked.

Although he acknowledged the problem of youth unemployment in the country, he however disclosed that there are many youth projects in the Ministry that were inherited from the past government, such as the Youth Farm, Youth Village, Youth In Fishing, among others, which, he said,  were not materialized due to indiscipline and corruption.

He assured that as Youth Minister, he would ensure that the said projects are implemented or reviewed where necessary.

The Minister furthered that there are plans to establish a car wash project in the next one week for over 300 youths countrywide. He also encouraged the youth to grab a form at the Ministry as the National Youth Scheme currently encourages  youths to apply for jobs, as according to him, one of President Bio’s main priority in the ‘New Direction’ administration, is to provide jobs for the youth.

He said, his Ministry has also created a disabled desk for persons with disabilities so that their voices can also be heard.