Germany-Salone To Address Plastic Waste Menace

By Ayodele Deen Cole

Plastic pollution is a very serious environmental problem in the country. Huge piles of garbage are always seen across land and sea whenever someone is walking in the capital city.

In order to help address this problem, the Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone is in partnership with Technology Services Gmbh, Nehlsen Saubere Leistung and Bremen University of Applied Sciences (all in Germany) in the areas of plastic waste recycling.

According to the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Mbaimba Lamina Baryoh, the current partnership project is concentrating on the development of technologies for a vessel-based treatment of plastic wastes in Sierra Leone and other West African countries, adding that the project concept was developed based on the realisation that although many plastics are produced as wastes in Sierra Leone and other West African countries, none of the countries are producing enough quantities of plastics to ensure a year operation of a land-based plastic wastes treatment facility. He also noted that the idea was then borne that a vessel-based technology can be developed, such that the vessel can visit Sierra Leone, buy and process all the plastic wastes available, and the vessel can then move to the next country until all the waste plastics in the countries of the west coast have all been bought and processed.

Recently, Dr. Mbaimba Lamina Baryoh, was invited as special guest and took the opportunity to explain the wastes disposal difficulty facing the capital Freetown and agreed with the plans presented by the trio in resolving the problem.