Galaxy Academy School Embarks On 2nd Monumental Tour


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

Galaxy Academy School at Leicester Road off Berry Street recently embarked on one-day monumental field trip to showcase to the pupils the great and past heroes and heroines of Sierra Leone.

According to report, the pupils visited the Sierra Leone National Museum at the Cotton Tree in Central Freetown, where they were taught about great heroes like Bai Bureh, Madam Yoko, Sir Milton Margai, Sir Albert Margai, Siaka Probyn Stevens and many other national heroes and heroines.

The pupils were also reportedly taught about their cultural values and norms, shown different masquerades like the Ngorbai, Paddle, Odellay Hunting Society, Ojeh Society, the Bondo devil and many others before they were taken to the Peace and Cultural Park to also learn about other heroes and heroines of Sierra Leone.

At the Peace and Cultural Park, the pupils were also reportedly taught about John Akar, the man who wrote the National Anthem and Co-Founder of the National Dance Troop, Sengbeh Pieh of the Amistad Revolt, Ella Koblo Gulama and past and fallen soldiers who fought for the peace of the country.

The Proprietor of the school, Mr. Gibrilla Bangura averred that because his community struggled for a very long time to have a school, he decided to sacrifice his piece of land towards establishing the school at the Leicester Road community.

He disclosed that the school was formally opened during the 2001/2002 school year with deprived children in the community as pupils, adding that he appealed to young people in the community with educational background to help him run the school.

The Proprietor however highlighted some of the challenges of the school, including its non-approval by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, adding that they are only receiving individual help from Abdul Rahman Kamara Esq.

Coordinator of the school programme, Mr. Aiah Raymond Senessie disclosed that the initial plan of the Proprietor was to establish a cinema hall but he advised him to build a school, adding that his advice has yielded fruit for deprived community children and their parents and guardians.

He further disclosed that the school started with 13 pupils but can now boast of about 254 pupils. Mr. Senessie reiterated that what they urgently need is the approval of the school by government.

The monumental tour was climaxed with an outing at the Lumley Beach, where pupils, teachers, parents and guardians refreshed themselves before retiring to their respective homes.