From IMF/World Bank AGM… Finance Minister Returns With Goodies


The Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, who just returned from this year’s Annual General Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank in Indonesia on the theme: ‘Human Capital Development,’ has in a radio programmes disclosed that issues of sexual reproductive health and teenage pregnancy were center stage.

This, he said, has resulted to Sierra Leone recording a high spate of maternal and infant mortality.

Mr. J.J. Saffa disclosed that his presentation on sexual reproductive health was of great interest to officials of both IMF and World Bank, adding that he solicited the support of the institutions for support in that area and by extension, the health sector.

Using one stone to kill two birds, the Finance Minister also used the opportunity to sign a 50 megawatt solar energy project that will take effect in 12 months as the government intends to in two years’ time replace emergency power service to that of sustainable energy.

The ‘New Direction’ administration, he further disclosed, is in the verge of implementing a fiscal policy in order to stabilize the country’s economy which, he added, has witnessed a robust internal revenue mobilization.

External aid, he furthered, will commence with IMF in November 2018, adding that the government also intends to strengthen oversight functions of government financial institutions with some set for recapitalization and other privatization. “Government cannot continue to have financial institutions that cannot generate income,” he concluded.