Free Medical For 150


By Thomas S. Kembay

About 150 people recently received free medical service from the 20th Batch of Chinese Medical Team at the Jui China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital on the outskirts of Freetown.

The beneficiaries of the free medical service were mainly women and children.

Head of the Team, Dr. Yi said the one-day free medical service was a follow-up to an established norm of a day of free medical services offered by any Chinese medical team. “It is also meant for acquaintance,” he said, adding that they never expected a large turnout of people though, he said, they were prepared to handle the situation and ensured that all those who went for treatment received it for free.

According to Dr. Yi, over 100 children were treated for cold, malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea, adding that they are here to provide medical service for Sierra Leoneans and that as from time to time, they will be providing free service to those who cannot afford treatment in the local hospitals and clinics. Dr. Yi said the free medical service will include diagnosing and treating various ailments.

Many beneficiaries of the free medical service commended the Chinese medical team for their humanitarian gesture and appealed to the team to continue with the free medical service.