Free Education A Must -Pres. Bio


The ‘New Direction’ administration under President Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio is on course to deliver its free education flagship project starting in the 2018/2019 school year. For the project to succeed, the President has called on the citizenry to support his government and the Ministry of Basic Education to make it work.

In improving the quality and availability of education in the country, President Bio had noted that it would go a long way in empowering the youth of this country. He emphasized that the free education is for all, so it becomes incumbent on the citizenry to support it. “I am not alone in this fight, I need all of you to support me,” the President appealed, adding that it is only by collective effort that we can succeed as a nation.

To the school authorities, he said: “Do not take money from children.” Concerning the books that will be provided free for the children, President Bio told teachers to take good care of them so that they could be used by future generations.

The President made the call at the launch of the Police Wives Skills Training building at the Kingtom Police Barrack in west end Freetown, where he said not all of us would be fortunate to darken the doors of universities or colleges but however stressed the importance of skills training to make the less educated ones productive members of the economy.

President Bio emphasized that education is liberation for all, noting that any nation that has developed was through discipline and quality education system that included vocational training. He called on husbands to support their wives and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) to rise up to the challenge of enforcing law and order in society for the common good of the people. “We can do it together; I will provide the leadership,” President Bio assured.

To actualize the free education project, many people have asked where the money would come from, given that President Bio had said he inherited a broke economy. Now it can be clearly seen that all the belt tightening, plugging of loopholes in the economy and efforts towards maximizing revenue generation and prudent expenditure undertaken by this government since it came into power on 4th April, 2018 have been geared towards funding the provision of the free education flagship project as well as other basic essential goods and services that the people need.