FRAUD! -Finance Min. Blasts Contractors & Ex-APC Functionaries


The Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa has recently blamed contractors to have subjected themselves to fraudulent contract signed with the former All people’s Congress (APC) government.

The Minister pointed out that the report revealed inflated contractual agreements between government and contractors even when there was no money, adding that the former government, for over a year, run the state through borrowing from the banks.

He pitied both local and International contractors for that, stating, “We have not been able to face the reality of paying arrears to contractors who are carrying out their work at slow pace.” He noted that the consequences of such fraudulent contracts have far-reaching, including challenges and embarrassment faced regarding Bank loans they took to complete the said contracts; based on what they inherited. The minister confessed that the new government is left with no alternative but to manage the economy in such a way that they focus on statutory priorities such as the payment of salaries and wages of essential service providers at the hospitals and correctional centers and the provision of  food for the forces.

He reiterated that some contracts including Income Electrix, NASSIT Ferry saga, the fraudulent sale of Sierra Rutile Limited and the Transport and Port Management (TPM) were all contract prices inflated causing government to lose huge sums of money were inherited by the new government.

He also disclosed that certain government officials have been allegedly serving as middle- men operating clearing and forwarding agencies and collecting monies that were diverted to their personal use.