Former CDS Killer Joins Him In Internity

By Mariama Hamadi

One of the alleged killers of the Former Chief of Defence Staff, Samuel Omarr Williams and Ibrahim Kalokoh is reported to have died during the prison riot that took place on the 29th of April this year.

Ibrahim Kalokoh and three other defendants were arraigned before Justice Emanuela Harding sometime in 2017 after going throw preliminary investigation on two count indictments of conspiracy to commit murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

According to the charge sheet, it was alleged that all four defendant in 2017 conspired with other persons unknown and murdered the former Chief of Defence Staff Samuel Omarr Williams at his resident at Rokel.

Appearing before Justice Simeon A. Allieu at High Court No. 2 on a transferred file from the criminal session call over, the 1st Defendant, Ibrahim Kalokoh was absent.

Counsel representing the State, I.Y Sesay told the Bench that he was informed that the 1st Defendant died during the riot that took place on the 29th April, 2020.

Responding to the Counsel for the State, Justice, Alieu said the matter has been in court since 2017, and nothing has been done to conclude it.

When he questioned the State Prosecutor as to what cause of the delay, he responded that the key challenge they faced in prosecuting capital offences was the absence of the jury. The respond of State Counsel I.Y Sesay was confirmed by the defendants, who considered it as a setback to them.

The adjudicating judge, said this is the fourth year for which the matter is at High Court without any progress “Nobody will waste my time, and I will not keep these men here for one year added to four,” the judge stated, adding if no progress is made, he will not hesitate to acquit and discharge them.

Enquiring from the State Prosecutor on how he will have to deal with the case of the 1st Defendant Ibrahim Kalokoh, I.Y Sesay said on the next adjourned date, he will make an application for a separate trial, were the death certificate will be tendered.

The State Counsel further told the Bench that after the tendering of the death certificate he will discharge the matter for lack of prosecution.

The matter was adjourned to Wednesday 15th April, 2020, for the State Prosecution to put things in place and proceed with the matter.