For Stealing 500 Bags Of Rice… 14 Remanded


By Thomas S. Kembay

Fourteen suspects who are standing trial for three counts charge of conspiracy, store breaking and larceny and larceny by servant have been refused bail by the presiding Magistrate, Santigie Bangura of Court No. 1 on Siaka Steven Street.

The first Prosecution Witness, Terek Mackie identified himself as the General Manager in charge of the stores where the alleged theft took place at No. 3 Bai Bureh Road, East of Freetown.

Testifying, he said he recognised all the accused especially the first, Ishmed Koroma as workers of the company.

He further told the court that he recalled when they broke into the compound in the early hours of November 27, 2018.

Prior to the theft, he told the court, he had received intelligence that plans were underway by certain individuals to rob the stores and that he alerted the police.

“I was contacted immediately the robbers entered the compound and I also informed the police who wasted no time in materializing at the scene and arrested the accused,” said the Manager, noting that some of the accused were arrested in his presence.

Defence Counsel, Sahid Sesay after cross-examining the Prosecution Witness applied for bail but was rejected by the Magistrate after considering the evidence of the 1st Prosecution Witness and the grievous circumstances under which the accused made their way into the store.