For DFA Exercise.. Gov’t Engages UNDP


By Ayodele Deen Cole

The government of Sierra Leone has requested the United Nation Development Programmme (UNDP) to support the Development Financing Assessment (DFA) exercise to support its ongoing national development planning process.

The request was made at  the weekend to the visiting UNDP Consultant, Tim Strawson who is currently looking at the development of a national financing framework for Sierra Leone National Development Plan.

Last Friday, the Consultant held discussions with the Director of the Office of Diaspora Affairs (ODA). According to the Director of ODA, Dr. Kallay Musa Conteh, the assessment aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of the development cooperation landscape and emerging opportunities for domestic revenue generation. The DFA exercise will lead to the design and establishment of an Integrated National Financing Framework for the National Development Plan. Tim Strawson is hired by UNDP to lead the DFA exercise. The ODA, he noted, is the coordinating center for diaspora related activities; noting that it has the mandate to capacitate the public sector with diaspora human resource, formalizing remittances and promoting friendly investment environment for diaspora investors. During the meeting, the ODA staff and the UNDP Consultant discussed a wide range of issues such as the contribution of the diaspora in private sector development and investments, skills transfer, and their intervention during emergencies.

Tim Strawson thanked Dr. Conteh for explaining the activities and priorities of the ODA and requested key documents, including the National Road Map on Diaspora Remittances which was developed by ODA and ACP-EU.