FOCUS 1000 On Budget Tracking


By Ayodele Deen Cole


A Non-Governmental Organization, FOCUS 1000 and it partners have commissioned a month long study that would track domestic, NGOs, Donors, UN Agencies expenditures on nutrition in Sierra Leone.

Budget Advocacy Network (BAN) won the contract to undertake the month long study. The announcement was made at a Nutrition Multi-Stakeholder Meeting at FOCUS 1000 Offices early this month. The study is part of the Nutrition Advocacy Fund (NAF) project awarded to FOCUS 1000 in promoting nutrition awareness in Sierra Leone. FOCUS 1000 sub-contracted Action Against Hunger to undertake the study through Budget Advocacy Network as the consultant. The purpose of the study is to track Government, Donors, NGOs, UN-Agencies expenditures for nutrition-specific exercise and nutrition sensitive interventions in 2017, as a continuation of a similar exercise that was carried out in May 2016-2017 on Tracking Government’s Expenditure on Nutrition in Sierra Leone.