Fisheries Minister Condemns Tombo Riot

My Mariama Hamadi

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Emma Kowa-Jalloh has condemned the riot by local fishermen on Wednesday 6th May, 2020 at Tombo in the western rural district.

She described the incident as lawlessness and sabotage of President Bio’s ‘New Direction’ agenda and denied that her ministry gave instruction to limit the number of boats that should go to sea on that day as claimed by the aggrieved fishermen.

“As a minister, I was shocked to learn about the fake information that led to the riot that ended up claiming lives,” she said in a sad mood.

She maintained that her ministry is the sole authority for taking decisions on fishing business in the country. The decisions are not taken by an individual but by all stakeholders including the harbor masters when the need arises.

She called on the authorities involved to investigate the perpetrators of the riot including the person that gave the instruction that only fifteen fishing boats were to fish on that day.