First Deaf Police Emerged

By Thomas S. Kembay

The Sierra Leone Police (SLPP) has reportedly recruited the first deaf in the history of Sierra Leone.

This recruitment comes following an assurance by the Inspector General of Police to the deaf association that the SLP will offer two slots to them in its next recruitment.

Welcoming the deaf police, PC17544 Salman Koroma, President of Sierra Leone National Association of the Deaf (SLNAD), Alhaji Mohamed Rahman expressed satisfaction that a member from them is now working in the law enforcement agency of the state. He explained that for far too long deaf people had suffered injustices at the hands of the police because of barrier in communication.

“With PC1744 Salman Koroma, we believe our concerns and complaints will be understood by the SLP,” said the President, noting that the recruitment of PC 17544 was a dream comes through for the deaf whenever police matters arise.

Alhaji Rahman commended the government and the SLP for considering the deaf for employment in the SLP.