Fire Force, Others Cautioned

By: Aaron B. Lahai-PRO

Deputy Minister Koroma(left) PS Kondeh (2nd) Minister Conteh (middle) Operations Ngegba (right) &Chief Kamanda Bongay (2nd from right).

The Minister of Internal Affairs Retired Major Alfred Paolo Conteh on Thursday 21st April, 2016 cautioned officers of the National Fire Force on the sale of water meant for fire fighting and control. He told the officers that the issue of selling water by the officers is not only an accusation from the public but also came from the Water Resources Minister during last cabinet meeting, therefore he as a Minister supervising the agency has thought it fit to engaged the officers on the issue. The Minister in no nonsense term sternly warned the management of the Force to monitored and discouraged their officers from such practice, adding that anyone caught selling water meant for fire control be dealt with accordingly.
However, the Chief Fire Officer Nazir Ahmed Alie Kamanda-Bongay denied the accusation arguing that nobody has ever brought such complaint to his attention but assured the Minister of putting monitoring mechanisms in place. The Minister’s visit was part of his familiarization tours to agencies under his Ministry’s supervision. The Minister urged the fire Officers to continue with the fire prevention campaign to the public by explaining the preventive measures needed to be in place. He encouraged the management to engaged a business partner to import fire lamps for sale to the public, he noted that once that is done the necessary laws will be enforced to make institutions and people to comply by installing the lamps in either offices or homes to alert people about fire incidences. Fire Force he said plays a vital role by saving lives and properties in the country; he therefore encouraged them to continue the good work but called on the officers to maintain discipline and high standard in their operations.
In his addressed to the Immigration staff the Minister praised the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) for his remarkable performance and transformation he has brought to the department, his praises came as a result of the inspection visit he made on Tuesday 19th of this month. He expressed satisfaction on the decentralisation process the CIO had introduced by opening regional and district offices with Immigration Officers to administer the offices across the country. Decentralisation of functions he said is the major problem responsible for the slow development and ineffective governance performance in the country, accusing most people in authority of reneging to decentralise; Minister Conteh referred to the decentralisation of NERC (National Ebola Response Centre at regional and district levels with strategic direction as the main reason behind the defeat of Ebola. The Minister therefore called on the top management of the department to strictly monitored their subordinates from collecting brown envelopes or bribe before doing the work they are employed to do, he added that tip after job done within the stipulated time is no offence but frown at delaying or keeping people’s document into file covers for not giving they (officers) money to do their jobs. He encouraged the top management to prevail on their subordinates to improve on customer care, describing it as an essential element used to encourage customers.
At the National Registration Secretariat, the Minister and delegation inspected facilities and working equipment meant to undertake the National Civil Registration exercise expected to kick-off in September. He urged the Chief Registration Officer to ensure that the data processing equipment and other gadgets are properly taken care of and secured. The Chief Registrar Mr. Foday Kamara informed the Minister and deputy that the greatest challenge with the pending civil registration is the ‘kits’ which are running out of use since 2012 when they were used by the National Electoral Commission. The Minister assured managements of the three agencies visited of engaging the Finance Minister to discuss on the challenges facing them in order to find ways of ameliorating them.