Fear God -Imam Preaches


By Alhaji Mansaray

National Chief Imam of the Hizbullah Islamic Mission who also doubles as Chief Imam of Masjeed Nimatula on Grant Street in Freetown, Alhaji Umar F.S Kanu has called upon every Muslim to have the fear of the Almighty Allah in everything they do.

Addressing his congregation last Friday at the Masjeed Nimatula Mosque, Alhaji Umar F.S Kanu said that whosoever fears the Almighty Allah in terms of difficulties, Allah shall make an unexpected provision for him or her. He further stressed that whosoever hands over him or herself to the Almighty Allah, will be blessed.

The Imam reiterated that the fear of the Almighty is the best preparation for the hereafter, adding that Allah does not look at the ones appearance butt what is in ones heart.

Imam Kanu furthered that even the eyes and ears of man do sin and that they can, according to the Quran bear witnesses against the sinner. He added that in any transaction one should have the fear of Allah and that Allah shall forgive the sins of anyone who fears him as everyone is on earth for just a few time.

The Imam admonished  his congregation to always work on the path of Allah by doing  good as Allah is the only one who is worthy of worshipping and that the Holy Prophet Mohammad whom the peace and blessings of Allah be upon is the messenger of allah. He maintained that Islam is above all religions and whosoever denies that has failed.

He concluded that those who fear Allah will inherit paradise on the day of resurrection.