Father Of Rape Victim Cries For Justice


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The father of a 3-year old rape victim, Mohamed Barrie residing at Lumley, west of the capital has called on the Justice sector to help him seek justice as, according to him, her daughter was rapid by a 15-year old boy, whom he said, lives in the same compound with them.

He disclosed that the incident took place on Sunday, 10th of February, 2019. On that day, he said, he was having rest when he heard his daughter crying bitterly. Mohamed Barrie continued that when he came out to see what was happening, he met the sister of the boy cajoling the child not to tell her parents about what had happened. “I asked them what was wrong and they told me that my daughter fell down from the step,” he said.

He furthered that his daughter later went to a neighbour who saw blood dropping profusely from her vagina and told her mother to change her pant. He said they were however baffled about the circumstance considering the fact that her daughter is a minor.

“I went to the Lumley police station and reported the matter and was issued a medical report,” he said, adding that he also went with the girl to the Rainbow Centre where she was checked and was discovered raped.

He said the perpetrated was hidden by his parents for three days but that he later laid hands on him and notified the police but that nothing has been done since.