Ex-RUFP Leader Speaks


The former leader of the Revolutionary United Front party (RUFP), Mr. Eldred Collins past Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018 spoke to The Exclusive on his opinion of the current SLPP led administration.

Mr. Collins, among other things commended the President Bio led government for the introduction of the free quality education initiative which, he said, was already over due.

“Education is the bedrock for the development of any nation. Therefore, the free quality education should have been introduced by the government that was in power immediately after the civil war,” said Collins. He therefore urged Sierra Leoneans to take advantage of the offer so that in the future the country will have a society with at least over 80% literates.

Mr. Collins continued that the high rate of illiteracy is the major cause of political violence in the country as, according to him, if the people are educated, they would be able to reason well. He therefore advised all political parties to educate their supporters on democratic principles.

Sierra Leoneans, he said, should go by the inscription on the national emblem – Unity, Freedom and Justice and be patriotic, nationalistic and think development after  electioneering periods.

Change of government, he said, comes along with many challenges including economic crisis but however expressed optimism that the economy will take shape going forward.

Speaking on corruption, the RUFP philosophy, he said, does not condone corruption, which, he said, was captured in the Truth and Reconciliation Report (TRC) report that saw the establishment of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

THE ACC, he said, has no friend, adding that if former President Koroma is found wanting he should be brought to book, citing former President Jacob Zuma of South Africa who was prosecuted for corruption.

Unlike other Commissions of Inquiry, the former RUFP Leader emphasised that all those who will be found guilty should be banned from holding public offices in the country. He however called for a free and fair Commissions of Inquiry.