‘Everybody Is Innocent’ -Justice Biobele


The ongoing commissions of inquiry resumed sittings yesterday after the weekend recess. Before he adjourned, Nigerian Judge, Justice Biobele Georgewill warned journalists to stop writing ill about anybody having been indicted by his commission.

Stating that until the commissions arrive at their conclusions after carefully listening to the evidences that will be produced, nobody is guilty, he prayed that all those affected by the terms of reference of this inquiry will endeavor to attend.

“I am not here to do anything but to follow the Laws of Sierra Leone,” he said. He clarified that nobody will be found guilty, as the commissions are not a court of law. “I am ready to do everything I can to ensure that justice is done,” he assured, adding that nobody has been indicted.

“We have not indicted anybody, everybody is innocent until the conclusion. No matter the evidence that will be led, nobody is guilty,” Justice Biobele.

The proceedings, he said, have not been taking to the point to say somebody is guilty or not guilty. Everybody is presumed innocent until the evidence and the conclusion. After the conclusion, Justice Biobele said that is when it will be known who will be indicted and who will not. Therefore, he said, people should not accuse anybody appearing before the commissions.