Ernest To Speak After 90 Days


Traditionally, heads of state, after their successor steps into office share the knowledge and wisdom gained in office as a way of guiding the new leader as to example pitfalls to be aware and the success to build on. Accordingly, former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma fondly called Ernest by millions of his adoring compatriots will, according to reliable sources, officially address the nation ninety days after the inauguration of his successor, Julius Maada Bio. Ninety days will be enough time for his successor to have settled into office.

Arguably, there is no other job in the world that taxes a man more physically and mentally than that of leading a country; in particular, a third world developing country that has just come out of war and short of everything imaginable for development. Two remarkable gentlemen with great love for Salone have had the privilege of leading it since the return to democracy in 1996. Late President Kabbah had the daunting task of ending the war with Foday Sankoh’s Revolutionary United Front (RUFP) and the equally very challenging job of setting the country back on a strong institutional and development foundation. Generally, he is believed by the nation to have done a very good job.

When his successor, former President Koroma addresses the nation in three months time, he will certainly make some startling revelations about unexpected things that he found out on the job about human nature. Already, past Friday at State House he presented his handing over note to newly elected President Bio. The document is a compendium of his achievements, challenges and observations generally on governance and state financial management. The new leader and his government would find a very useful instrument for shaping and implementing state policies in all the sectors.

Ernest impressed on President Bio that successes were scored by his government in all sectors, although acknowledging that there were challenges. He expressed pride in his achievement of keeping the country on a stable and progress peace and democratic trajectory, without which development is uncertain. Accordingly, Ernest told President Bio, he will make himself available to him and his government for any support needed in furtherance of the goal of developing Mama Salone for the benefit of one and all.

One of the few African heads of state to have had the honor of twice addressing the general assembly of the United Nations, as a leader Ernest’s fame and regard went beyond the borders of Sierra Leone. Because of his peaceful and democratic rule, he was greatly honored by the democratic world and his continental peers. Therefore, they selected him to be Chairman of the African Union Committee of Ten whose main assignment was to lobby the Unite Nations body to grant Africa seats on the United Nations Security Council. Because of the untiring effort of the Committee, Ernest can feel proud that Africa has now been granted two seats on the United Nations Security Council.

It could be recalled that when former President Yayah Jammeh became belligerent after he had been defeated in his country’s presidential election, President Koroma was sent by his colleague ECOWAS heads of state to try and prevail on Jammeh to respect the will of his people and hand over power peacefully to the victor. When he addresses the nation in ninety days time, Ernest would also speak on his future as a politician; whether he would continue to stay on as chairman and leader of the party that successfully kept and sustained him in power for two successive terms. It could also be recalled that during the presidential run-off election, he told his supporters that he will resign from the position in a month’s time. Now he will be more definitive about his continued role as an APC politician.