Ernest In Town Today


The National Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC), Cornelius Deveaux, has confirmed that the party Chairman and Leader, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, will return home today from Guinea.

Former President Koroma’s trip, the APC spokesman said took him to several countries for a well deserved vacation after serving the country as Head of State for ten years.

The vacation, he said, gave the former President the pleasure of relaxing his mind after the rigors of leading a problematic country for two consecutive terms. Mr. Deveaux furthered that with permission from the Sierra Leone Police, Ernest will be received at Gbalamuya checkpoint, Kambia District by party executives and his family. He will drive in a motorcade to his home city of Makeni. There he will address party members and supporters at the party office. After that, he will retire to his residence on the outskirts of the city where he said he will spend the rest of his days, except for brief forays into the city and abroad.

Stating that APC does not have a point to prove in preparing a welcome for the leader, Mr. Deveaux said party members and supporters have been longing to see their Chairman and Leader. However, he said, the ex-Head of State will receive a warm but low key reception upon arrival as it is not a political rally.