Ernest Calls For Unity


Barely eight months after their traumatic defeat in the highly contested March 2018 presidential runoff election at the hands of the arch political rival, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), a recuperated All People’s Congress (APC) in a show of strength last Saturday held an all-night-long beach fiesta at Bureh Beach.

Thousands of party members and supporters from across the country regrouped in a peaceful atmosphere after eight months of recriminations and soul-searching to celebrate their oneness.

Present at the celebration was the APC National Chairman and Leader, former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, who delivered a message of peace and reconciliation to the party. Giving the reason for the APC peace outing, the erstwhile President said: “I believe this time we need peace in this party.”

He narrated the difficult moments that the party has endured since the presidential runoff election defeat and also spoke of aggrieved aspirants for Councilor, Member of Parliament, Council Chairman and Mayor, and the 2018 flagbearer positions who felt they were not treated fairly.

The APC National Chairman and Leader said this is not the time to talk about what was right or wrong. “The focus is for us to come together,” he stressed.

Speaking on the changes that are to come to APC, Ernest said they will bring peace. However, he cautioned that the changes that are going to be effected should make the party come out in peace and remain functional. The changes, he said, will grant everybody equal rights and the freedom to participate in decision making.

As APC and personally, Ernest said, he felt proud of the party’s ten years’ contribution to peace and national development with him as also National Chairman and Leader of the party. He however conceded that it was about time he handed over the baton of leadership to another party stalwart.

After the changes, the former President said all positions in the party including that of the flagbearer would be awarded through democratic elections. “This time round, we will all go to elects when the time comes,” he assured.

Former President Koroma reiterated that he was pleased for the peace that has been restored to the party, just as he wishes the same for the country, whilst he struck a resonant note when he assured the nation that for the sake of peace and national development, the APC would be in front of supporting the Bio administration.