Ernest Calls For National Cohesion


Former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has offered profound thanks to the Makeni Catholic congregation after it organized a special thanksgiving mass held for him, his family and the country for his ten years stewardship of what he called “our Great Republic.”

Speaking after the mass, former President Ernest Bai Koroma said he thanked God for giving him the opportunity to serve his country. “It was not an easy responsibility,” he recalled. “The journey was not easy but thanks for the achievements.”

The erstwhile President thanked God for what he and the people were able to do collectively as a nation to achieve during his presidency. He however honestly conceded that there were high and low points during his stewardship.

According to former President Koroma, the finest high point was when the Sierra Leone economy boomed rapidly to become one of the fastest growing in the world. Another high point, he said, was the country’s recognition as the most peaceful country in the sub-region and the third most peaceful in Africa. Also during his presidency, Ernest said Sierra Leone strengthened its democratic credentials.

He however sadly recalled that it was during his presidency that Sierra Leone experienced the most difficult period she had ever gone through in her history – the Ebola outbreak that was followed by the mudslide and flash flood disaster that claimed thousands of Sierra Leonean lives. “That was the lowest point in my presidency,” he told the audience.

He however claimed proudly that with the perseverance of the nation and the support of the international community, he pulled the people of this country out of that dark period. Beyond that, he expressed satisfaction that he supervised the smooth, peaceful transition of state power from his administration to the next. “All of this was due to my total knowledge and commitment put into my stewardship and prayers of all that helped to direct and guide me throughout my presidency,” a faithful Ernest said.

When called upon to continue being a goodwill agent and Ambassador of Peace within Sierra Leone by his party, former President Koroma said having worked assiduously for Sierra Leone and gaining recognition from the international community that Sierra Leone is peaceful, Ernest said, “I have nothing to do but to continue working for peace and national cohesion which are what will help us develop fast. Peace is the foundation…together we can make our community and Sierra Leone better.” He gave his word to work with the ‘New Direction’ to make the country and the sub-region better.

Ernest assured the people that he would continue to live with them and that he would continue to do the little that he could to give back to the community he said had supported him. “By way of support, you can always call on me,” he told his people. “I have time now to address issues which I did not have time to do as a President.”

Notable for cracking jokes, erstwhile President Koroma said, “I think I’m still active but not to go into politics to become President but to continue with national and international development that benefits mankind.”

He concluded by extending felicitations and gratitude to the people for the great friendship they extended to him.