By Fonike & Lahai

The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has urged global partners to exploit and expand on renewable energy especially solar in Africa.

In a three day long International Energy forum in Russia from 3rd – 6th October 2018, the Minister delivered a presentation on the proper exploitation and expansion of renewable energy (solar and Hydro dams) in African countries through cooperation with experienced Western countries.

Minister Kanja Sesay first presented a brief overview on the development of the energy sector in Africa in which he stated that its utilization was very low at first. He however dilated on how the energy sector has now become another promising sector added to housing and infrastructural sectors.

He continued that the energy sector is now attracting huge investments in the continent of Africa adding that South Africa and Rwanda are among the leading countries for the production of solar energy.

Appealing to experienced countries in solar, Minister kanja Sesay stressed the need for Russia and Africa to examine a new area of mutual beneficial cooperation based on long term strategies.

He furthered that Sierra Leone has huge potential for Hydro dams across the country. The Minister concluded that he has no doubt that Russia offers a number of competitive advantages as a partner, including experience in implementing large- scale energy programs across vast territories and constructing grids.

‘This is something the African continent is in particular need of’, Minister Kanja Sesay ended.

The Ministry of Energy’s Head of Planning Unit, Ing. Dr. Edmond Wuseni was also in attendance and made meaningful contribution in the Russia – Africa Energy Roundtable Forum.